About us

krakki is a children’s apparel designed to take kids seriously with a tinge of playfulness. Our vision is to make comfortable and stylish clothes for kids and make better products in regards to material and ease for parents. krakki loves colors and tend to use playful colors and humorous aesthetics to engage directly to the children senses and imaginations, making it easy and exciting for parents to dress their kids in.

krakki is made to befit our active little toddlers, curious explorers and young growing children, through all ages and occasions. Our clothes carry a type of character to express our little one’s moods, personality and creativity, making each and every child unique in their own ways.

krakki strive to be the brand that every child love, a brand that parents and grandparents chooses for design and fit and overall a product that makes everyone happy.

we hope you like what you see. Join us on Instagram @itskrakki and be part of the krakki family. 

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